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Eating House and Bar

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157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Melbourne

In addition to todays menu, we're also offering: documentation of miscellaneous restaurant items; overheard conversations; close-up photographs of chopped vegetables and occasional beasts; re-blogs; exciting purchases; record covers & playlists; passive social media promotions and that which is still to be confirmed.




Haute Dogs - NOWNESS

Awesome. Idea.


Qixi Festival - NOWNESS

Lazy tumblring while I holiday. Best, Mr. Leeroy Kirk-Walker “Natural isn’t for woman; it is for vegetable.” Donatella VERSACE



A Really Long (& Inspirational) Job Ad.

You’ve heard all you need to know about Golden Fields.


We’re busy/noisy/loud.


We don’t take reservations, you can’t book and there’s often a queue.


Our service is great, our food is amazing but our wine list has too much Riesling and Pinot  noir, is too international, and has NO sauvignon blanc by the glass.


Often, were just like Cumulus Inc, but in St Kilda.


Or Chin Chin, but in St Kilda.


Or Dandelion, but in St Kilda.


But that all depends on who you talk to…


Just after we opened in May 2011, John Lethlean penned the following:


“Andrew McConnell… in my book is one of the few great, original chefs in this country blessed with the talents of an outstanding restaurateur too, has done it again… the chef’s latest, naked, Asian-accented kitchen. (has) Chinese flavours, Korean flourishes – sure – but the informal food here is all his own.


Observing the minutae, Leathlen said we were:


“…more prêt-à-porter than haute couture: open, clean, fresh to the eye, with a bar running almost the entire length of the deep room. From salt-cellars to hand-made crockery, and everywhere between, the attention to detail is impressive. No, it’s more. It’s amazing.


And then our favourite descriptor followed!


“But this place is not for everyone. It rewards the curious diner in a way some might find polarising. Not elitist or clubby; merely targeted. Brilliantly. And for my money, it’s not just the best new restaurant this year in Melbourne, but Australia. Golden Fields forever.”


Over on Urbanspoon, user Honeylcious said we were “like an upmarket canteen,” and DinerDiva simply “luv luv luved the duck!”


The comments were kind and dizzying, but we had a focus. Before each lunch or dinner, we would read our mission statement, and we would strive for a service that is generous and consistent, idiosyncratic and warm, professional and fun and without arrogance. We would serve food that is intended to share, and that draws on Andrews time in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and his love of the Japanese aesthetic, without being specifically or slavishly Chinese or Mandarin or Japanese (or worse: fusion!) And we are fortunate enough to be able to do so in a setting that is modern, “Melbourne” and handcrafted; in a dining room that holds it’s own after months of international dining and travel, and somehow still reveals new details and charms (or so we find).


We choose to conduct ourselves in a professional manner that displays a genuine care for all, and we hope to exhibit a genuine sense of hospitality, tempered by industry savvy. We choose to explore ways of doing things that are sustainable, aware, responsible, charitable, localized and independent wherever possible.


As a concept and an identity,  we hope to be individual  but as an operation, we are a sum of our many wonderful parts: the complete nature and clarity of Projects of Imaginations design and the lightness of CIBI and the ground of Shane Kent plates; the natural wines of Living Wines, the sweet Cantonese buns of Breadtop and the baby corn of Jenella (a farm that only grows corn, in the Western District), the beautiful Vanilla Netto photographs beside the landscape of Murray Fredericks, near the dresses of S!X and the anthropmorhpic lamps of Serge Mouille, all of which occurs to the turntabled soundtrack of punk charms (The 5, 6, 7,8’s), West African jazz and a little old school (cue: De La Soul, “3 feet high and rising”)


We are as thankful for the accolades as we are grateful for the many acknowledgements: Age Good Food Guide Best New Restaurant 2012 (one chefs hat); runner up in the Gourmet Traveller Best New Restaurant category, 2012; The Australian Good Food Guide Best New Restaurant 2012 and also Trip Advisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ 2012. We were also thrilled to received places in both The Australian Hot 50, and Gourmet Traveller Hot 100 lists, not to mention Mr McConnells official new title: Australia’s Hottest Chef. For our charity involvements, we were the recipient of certificates from the Starlight Children’s Foundation (thanking us for helping to serve up a SMILE) and STREETSMART (for being in the Top 10 for Victorian fundraisers). Currently, we are also nominated for Best International Restaurant Design in the Restaurant & Design Awards to be held in London later this year.


Our first year has brought all of this, and nearly 40 000 lobster rolls!  Hence, at Golden Field’s, we believe it’s time to pause for one small moment, refocus, and begin to imagine and organize what may lay ahead.


We want to remain a restaurant that is open to and available for all: as great for our staff as we are for our customers; a preference held and shared by die-hard locals and infrequent internationals; as much of a joy for the unintended as we are the foodies. 


We  want to continue to grow and surprise and confuse ourselves, and our guests.


We want to see our Ivy plant reach the ceiling, and our money tree flourish.


And we want you.


We want you Front of House, Back of House, as a Strong Section Waiter or a Chef de Partie, Bartender or Glasswasher or Restaurant Supervisor.


We want to see some fresh hungry faces in our team. We want professional individuals who feel that the values we’ve worked hard to establish and maintain are in line with how they like to live and work, who also don’t mind flipping ESG over on the turntable whilst polishing the Riedels.


We want customer-service focused, team-playing creatives who have a sense of humour and humility, style and/or grace.


Ideally, you won’t even mind picking watercress or French breakfast radish during quiet times, and you’ll remember to exude warmth and smile while you set perfectly laid tables in the middle of a Saturday night.


In exchange for your excellent attitude and covetable skills, you’ll be welcomed into a small and caring team in one of Melbourne’s most successful and progressive restaurant operations.


You will receive above-award wages, and considerate rosters which mean you can balance us with everything else that you do. Each week, there will be a training session or tasting for you to attend, and for the appropriately ambitious, we offer on the job and external management training.


You’ll learn to enjoy pork ribs in many guises through our delicious staff meals each day, and never have to worry about washing or ironing your own apron; we’ll get that.


Most important, we hope what you really take from us is a place in our restaurant where you feel you might want to be long term. We want you to develop new skills, be comfortable enough to give willingly and be appreciated enough so you can contribute and be heard.


And despite what they may say, who wouldn’t want that?


All optimistic cover letters and curriculum vitae may be sent electronically ( or old school (2/157 FITZROY STREET, ST KILDA VICTORIA 3182).


We look forward to meeting you.



Golden Fields.


Documentation of an impromptu staff meal, from Gibb.

Assorted visual highlights from Golden Fields Presents ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ at The Sandringham Club, Sandringham. The only thing missing is a shot of Phil from Curly Flat, resplendent in his black and white kimono.

Introducing ‘AT THE PASS’, an ongoing series that you can find on our instagram account (username: GOLDENFIELDS). ‘AT THE PASS’ is less about the food and more about big chef hands and the yellow light of the heat lamp.

New on the champagne list (although the Resonance sold out immediately)

Golden Fields finds time for a cultural excursion to The Johnston Collection, in East Melbourne, as re-imagined by Romance Was Born. These photographs were illegally taken, but how can you actually know that you have to go if you can’t see how truly beautiful it is? Especially loving the disco treatment of the kitchen.

Visit: Home - The Johnston Collection

Looking into a wine list with (lots of cat) pictures, too.

It must be time for the menu-with-pictures to come back, to be done well & to be set free itself from the illuminated backgrounds of Victoria St and Little Bourke, and the fast food franchises of the CBD. Surely. So I started playing with some kitchen recycling and two magazines left by ACP when they were in for lunch a little while ago…

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